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Timber Cladding

– Made from sustainable FSC® Porta Cumaru hardwood.
– Engineered profile for improved performance.
– Moulded in Fairfield, Victoria. 

The result is a beautiful high-performing exterior cladding solution.

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Key Features

Class 1 rated timber extremely durable & exceptionally strong

Termite Resistant
Natural resistance to termites.

Near Zero Leaching
Ideal next to light surfaces, will not stain the surroundings.

High performance joint, concealed fix and easy to install.

Responsibly sourced FSC® certified

Product Range

SHIPLAP  122 x 19mm

Cover 122mm
Groove 11x9mm
Board size: 140x19mm

RIVERINE  78 x 23mm

Cover 78mm
Board size: 91x23mm

STRATA  78x23mm

Code: ENDD7823
Cover: 78mm
Board size: 91x23mm

How to specify: 

e.g. PORTA ENDURE Timber Cladding – Shiplap – Cumaru – ENDS12219 – FSC® Certified – with Porta Pre-oil treatment.

Specify a coating system as per your desired look and as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Preparation and Installation

Preferred fixing is by cladding screws into the groove, which produces concealed fixing. Porta Endure Cladding can be fixed to the wall with cladding screws (such as 4.0 x 45mm). Lengths can be joined by fixing ends over a batten or stud. Porta recommends specifying a factory pre-oil for all surfaces, end-seal treatment to any cuts and to coat and maintain the external face with a preferred oil.


A maintenance schedule is recommended to preserve the appearance and dimensional stability of timber. To retain the timber’s natural colour regularly apply tinted pigmented coatings, should a silver-grey look be desired, regularly apply a clear unpigmented coating to protect the timber from UV and moisture as per the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Technical details

Suitable for residential and mid-rise commercial applications

  • Density: 1085kg/m3 
  • Hardness: 14.8 Janka kN  
  • Natural Durability: Class 1 
  • Grading: AS 2796.1 Section 8: Timber Hardwood Sawn & Milled products.  
  • Fire: Residential; up to BAL19 application / Commercial; as per NCC Vol.1 C1.5 
  • Application: Residential (Class 1 & 10); NCC Vol.2, Part 3.5.3 & Commercial; NCC Vol.1, C1.10.
  • Weatherproofing: Compiles with the NCC Vol.1 / F1 & NCC Vol.2 / P2.222 to prevent water penetration


Porta Cumaru is FSC® certified as being responsibly harvested and processed. FSC is accredited by a third-party organisation. These practices assure protection of the forests’ biodiversity and ecological processes and ensure local workers, communities and indigenous populations rights are upheld. Porta will provide a compliance guarantee with all orders indicating the Porta Cumaru timber has FSC certification.

What is meant by the term cover?

The width of the exposed face (excluding the joined or tongue width).

Is this the same design as Contours?

Endure Riverine & Endure Strata has the same shape as Contours Riverine & Contours Strata, even though the cladding overall is thicker.

The Endure Riverine and Endure Strata can connect with each other, similar to the Contours set – but you can not mix and match Endure and Contours profiles.

Can I buy recommended fixing screws from Porta?

No, we do not stock cladding screws, refer to a local preferred Hardware merchant.

Is Endure available with end-matching (machined ends which interconnect)?

No, not at this time.

How are the lengths joined?

Butt join and fix over a batten (or stud).

What can be coated over the Porta factory applied pre-oil on Porta Cumaru products?

Any solvent or water based oil (except wax based oils such as Cutek).

Does Porta Endure Timber Cladding need to be oiled?

Yes, coat & maintain the external face with a preferred oil, refer to the Install Guide for more information.Endure

Does the back of the Porta Endure Timber Cladding board need to be coated?

Yes, we recommend factory pre-oil all surfaces and coat any cuts.

How is Endure fixed to the wall?

Use cladding screws such as 4.0m x 45mm or equivalent, download the Install Guide for more information. 

Want more information on Porta Endure?

We would love to meet you at your offices and share more information on PORTA ENDURE including displaying a range of samples. Let us know a day and time.
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