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Timber Cladding

– High performing Class 1 durable timber
– Traditional and decorative profiles
– Certified as sustainably sourced 

The result is a range of timeless looking, long-lasting exterior finishes

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Porta Endure Timber Cladding combines the performance of Class 1 durable timber with designer profiles to create a range of timeless looking, long-lasting exterior finishes.


  • Select grade 

  • Sustainably Certified

  • Class 1 Durability – Lasts 40+ years above ground 

  • Residential & mid-rise commercial applications

  • Optional pre-coating services available


Timber Cladding Range

SPECIES Cumaru (other species on request)  | SIZE 91x23mm  |  COVER 78mm  |  LENGTH 2.7M
*Sizing excluding Shiplap











*Shiplap – Profile 140x19mm, Cover 122mm, Groove 11x9mm.


How to specify

Product + Profile + Length + Species + Code + Certification + Coating. For full specification details see Specifying section of the Install Guide.



Porta Endure Timber Cladding range is made durable Porta Cumaru hardwood and available in a range of designs. The result is a beautiful high-performing exterior cladding solution.


Sample Request

Porta Endure comes in a range of architectural designs.

Install Guide.


Porta Endure Timber Cladding is suitable for residential and mid-rise commercial applications.



Porta recommends a factory applied pre-coating to protect the timber during transport and installation. Further, Porta Cumaru is supplied with end grain sealer on exposed end-grains before delivery. Porta recommends applying an end grain sealer to cuts on site.

A maintenance schedule is recommended to preserve the dimensional stability of timber and protect the timber from UV and moisture. Apply coatings as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. To retain colour regularly apply a tinted pigmented coating, for a silver-grey appearance, select a clear unpigmented coating.

Protection and Maintenance Guidance 

Species Information

Porta Cumaru is a very dense, extremely hard-wearing Class 1 sustainable timber.
Cumaru Timber Species Information


Porta Cumaru is FSC® certified as responsibly sourced.
Sustainability Information.


What is meant by the term cover?

The width of the exposed face (excluding the joined or tongue width).

Is this the same design as Contours?

Endure Riverine & Endure Strata has the same shape as Contours Riverine & Contours Strata, even though the cladding overall is thicker.

The Endure Riverine and Endure Strata can connect with each other, similar to the Contours set – but you can not mix and match Endure and Contours profiles.

Can I buy recommended fixing screws from Porta?

No, we do not stock cladding screws, refer to a local preferred Hardware merchant.

Is Endure available with end-matching (machined ends which interconnect)?

No, not at this time.

How are the lengths joined?

Butt join and fix over a batten (or stud).

What can be coated over the Porta factory applied pre-oil on Porta Cumaru products?

Any solvent or water based oil (except wax based oils such as Cutek).

Does Porta Endure Timber Cladding need to be oiled?

Yes, coat & maintain the external face with a preferred oil, refer to the Install Guide for more information.Endure

Does the back of the Porta Endure Timber Cladding board need to be coated?

Yes, we recommend factory pre-oil all surfaces and coat any cuts.

How is Endure fixed to the wall?

Use cladding screws such as 4.0m x 45mm or equivalent, download the Install Guide for more information. 

Local Stockist

For DIY renovators & home builders, Porta timber is available by special order from local stockists.

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