Inspired by the contours of the Australian landscape, beautiful Porta Contours add natural warmth, tactile interest, and movement to any space.

Sustainable and responsibly sourced, Porta Contours timber lining boards are ideal for enhancing new or existing interior spaces. Fast and easy to install by one person, they can be fixed directly onto prepared plasterboard, timber, steel, brick, or masonry wall surfaces.

Credit: Build: Mitcon Build, Building Design: Space Building Design, Interior Design: KJK Interiors, Photography: Cam Murchison

Available Timber Ranges

Enhance your interiors with beautiful Contours

Build: Graya, Design: Tim Stewart Architects

About Porta Contours

Porta Contours are beautiful timber lining boards designed for straight and curved internal applications. Inspired by the contours of the Australian landscape, Contours are available in a range of textured designs to create calming atmospheres or vibrant patterns.

Porta Contours are easy to work with and add warmth, character, and texture to any space.

Durable Timber

Contours are made from durable, solid timber and are available in a range of species, including:

  • Engineered American Oak – a stunning North American Hardwood.
  • Tasmanian Oak – a beautiful Australian Hardwood.
  • Clear Pine – a light softwood that is ideal for painting, staining, waxing and colour-washed.
  • Primed FJ Pine – a softwood finger-jointed moulding with a water-based primer in a matte white finish. Ideal for painting with either acrylic or oil-based paints.

Design: Haaus Design, Joinery: Shellharbour Kitchens

Stylish, Tactile Designs

Contours add elegance, texture, and style to any residential or commercial space. They are available in a range of stylish designs to complement your space.

Click on the links below to view the profiles available in each timber range.

Residential Applications

Contours are perfect as a feature in a kitchen, bedroom, hallway, living room, dining room, bathroom, or laundry. Contours can also be used to clad joinery and interior doors as well as creating concealed doorways for a beautiful finish.

In high moisture areas, such as bathrooms and laundries, we recommend coating the lining boards on all faces and edges before installation.

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Commercial Applications

Contours enhance an interior space and deliver a warm and tactile backdrop. They can be used to clad joinery, reception desks, counters and banquet seating as well as creating straight and curved feature walls.

Secret doors are a great way to add a practical and unique design aesthetic to your space. Porta Contours are easy to install with concealed fixings, making it easy for your hidden door to sit flush with the wall.

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Suitable for Curves

Contours are suitable for curves down to a 1000mm radius. For tighter curves, down to a 300mm radius, curved wall beads are available for selected profiles.

As one of the biggest interior design trends, using Contours in curved applications visually softens the hard lines and sleek finishes of functional spaces. Rooms with a curved element promote traffic flow, reduce hard edges and corners while creating a more comfortable and beautiful aesthetic.

Beautiful Finish & Easy to Install

Porta Contours are suitable for vertical and horizontal applications and have been designed for ease of installation with a secret fix tongue and groove connection. They can be installed DIY by one person and fixed directly onto prepared plasterboard, timber, steel, brick, or masonry wall surfaces.

They can also be used in conjunction with any other Contours profile to create a unique design.

Biophilic Design

Timber not only looks good (and keeps on looking good), but it is also good for you. Natural elements, such as timber, can have measurable physiological and psychological benefits, making people generally happier and calmer.

Timber plays a major role in biophilic design. Seeing its grain evokes feelings of being in a forest, which is shown to reduce stress levels. Studies support the use of timber to reduce autonomic stress responses in people, making it a preferred material for biophilic design.

As the only renewable building material, timber is durable and can be used in a wide range of residential and commercial applications. If it’s properly maintained, it can last for hundreds of years.

Porta Contours are available in a wide range of timber species allowing you to select the perfect timber which best suits your space.

Sustainable & Responsibly Sourced

Porta are committed to sourcing timber from sustainable and environmentally responsible resources.

We hold Chain of Custody under internationally recognised and accredited organisations including the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Residential Inspiration

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Commercial Inspiration

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Porta Contours can be finished by your preferred coating contractor. A typical standard finish is a clear satin (30% gloss) coating. Fireshield® intumescent coating can be applied to Porta Contours to provide a Group 1 solution, compliant with the National Construction Code.

Contact Porta Customer Service for further advice or recommended contractors.

Species Information

Available in Engineered American Oak, a hardwearing and durable timber native to America with a distinctive textured grain pattern. American (White) Oak features a warm, light brown tone that pairs beautifully with both neutral and colourful palettes.
Engineered American Oak Timber Species Information

Available in Tasmanian Oak, a beautiful versatile Australian durable hardwood. The colour ranges from “straw” to a light reddish brown.
Tasmanian Oak Timber Species Information

Available in Pine, a light softwood that is ideal for painting and staining. Clear Pine is a knot-free product which is easier to work than knotty pine. It can be successfully stained, painted, waxed or colour-washed.
Clear Pine Timber Species Information

Available in Pine, Pre Primed Pine is pre-coated with a specially developed water-based primer in a matte white finish. Porta’s Pre Primed Pine, a finger-jointed moulding is ready to paint with either acrylic or oil-based paints.
Pre Primed FJ Pine Timber Species Information


Porta is certified under recognised schemes; PEFC and FSC® to supply responsibly sourced timber.

Sustainability Information

Porta Contours Brochure

Porta Contours architectural timber linings allow you to create either calming atmospheres or vibrant textured designs.

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Porta Contours is available in a range of architectural designs.