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Porta are committed to providing architects and designers with the resources and knowledge about timber to support specifying and designing for optimal performance.

Our CPD presentation is for architects, designers, landscape architects and those who work in landscape construction who love the feel, warmth and aesthetics of timber in your designs.

Porta’s ‘Designing with Timber – ensuring durability, style, & compliance’ CPD presentation is designed to help you understand the key factors required to ensure timber linings or facades used in your designs and specifications can achieve Group 1 for internal applications or combustibility and fire retardancy requirements for external façades.

Our goal is to help you leave with the knowledge to ensure your designers that comprise the timber species, timber product and coating choices will last for years to come

Porta offer an in-house presentation that provides a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of designing with timber, along with showcasing the latest timber products and services with you.


If you would like to book an in-house presentation, complete the form below and one of our presenters will be in contact to schedule a suitable date and time. Please specify if you would like us to share more about Porta’s timber products and services.For groups of 6 or more, we offer a light lunch, morning or afternoon tea.

Topic: Designing With Sustainable Timber – External


Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the benefits of using timber in design
  • Outline the assessment criteria to understand timbers performance characteristics
  • Describe how to assess timbers material performance to meet performance requirements
  • Describe how to ensure compliance to NCC requirements when designing with timber
  • Outline the steps to design cladding to enhance durability
  • List the reasons, benefits and  different types of coatings
  • Understand how to create unique designs with timber


Porta’s sales and architectural team offer you deep expertise in timber and how to design for optimal performance.

Our national specification team are:

Vic/Tas/SA/WA specification manager: Suzanne Savarin
e: [email protected]
cell:  0418 984 922

NSW/ACT/QLD: Shaun Stork
e: [email protected]
cell: 0419 703 585

The CPD can be tailored to run for 1.0 hour or we can expand the content to answers specific questions for your projects. We recommend allocating some time for Q&A.