Introducing Portaline by Porta

Portaline is here to transform your interior spaces effortlessly. Crafted with the DIY enthusiast in mind, our ready-to-paint primed pine products offer affordability without compromising quality. Whether you’re adding a touch of elegance to your living room, bedroom, or any other indoor area, our lightweight and easy-to-install solutions are your perfect choice.

What’s more, our sustainably sourced timber ensures you can design your space with a clear conscience. Explore the possibilities with our new range and elevate your surroundings today.

Elevate with Ease

About Portaline

Portaline is your ultimate solution for DIY home projects. Our range of Primed FJ Pine lining boards offers various profiles, ensuring a premium finish for every application.

Designed specifically for the practical DIYer, Portaline makes it simple to transform any space, easily achieving professional-looking results. Whether revamping your interiors or adding a touch of sophistication, Portaline is your affordable choice that comes with the added benefit of being crafted from sustainably sourced timber. Choose Portaline for an effortless, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly upgrade to your living spaces.

Versatile Timber Made For All Designs

Portaline’s Primed FJ Pine offers incredible versatility for your projects. This finger-jointed, softwood timber comes primed with a matte white finish. Making an ideal canvas for your creativity, ready to be painted with acrylic or oil-based paints. It’s the perfect choice for bringing your design visions to life.

Explore the new profile range, each thoughtfully designed to provide you with endless possibilities for your next DIY project.

Curved Design Made Easy

Discover the simplicity of shaping curves with Portaline’s specialised curved wall beads. Our innovative design effortlessly accommodates tight bends with a minimum radius of 300mm, allowing you to easily create smooth arcs and gentle curves.

DIY Made Simple

Portaline’s versatile lining boards are lightweight and crafted for effortless handling. This makes them ideal for one-person installation across a variety of surfaces, including plasterboard, timber, steel, brick, and masonry. Their user-friendly design ensures that even novice DIYers can easily achieve a professional look. Thanks to the simple installation process, transforming any space is accessible to all, regardless of skill level.

Sustainably Sourced

Porta takes pride in being environmentally responsible. Our Primed FJ Pine is sustainably sourced and proudly carries the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with quality and craftsmanship.

Lining Board Range

Portaline in Primed FJ Pine are available in five beautiful profiles that can be mixed and matched to create unique designs.

SPECIES Primed FJ Pine  |  SIZE 91.5x12mm  |  COVER 84mm  |  LENGTH 2.7m

SIZE 140x12mm  |  COVER 133mm  |  LENGTH 2.7m

VJ / Regency
(2x Reversible profiles in 1 board)

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Curved Wall Bead Range

Portaline in Primed FJ Pine can help you achieve curved applications down to a radius as tight as 300mm. Matching curved wall beads are available for selected profiles.

SPECIES Primed FJ Pine |  SIZE 28x12mm  |  LENGTH  2.7m

How to Install Portaline

Join Adam Dovile on a captivating DIY journey as he shows you how to effortlessly install Portaline Timber Lining Boards. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned DIYer, this video is tailored for you, offering practical tips and clear instructions to boost your confidence and enjoyment in your DIY endeavors.

In this tutorial, Adam will walk you through every step, from selecting the right tools to the final touches that will revamp your space. Discover the simplicity and satisfaction of DIY as you transform your room with the elegance of timber lining boards. Dive in with Adam and turn your DIY project into a success story, feeling accomplished and proud.

Get ready to make DIY easy and fun!



Portaline in the Primed FJ Pine are ready to finish with a top coat of acrylic or solvent based coating in your preferred gloss grade – matt, semi-gloss or full gloss. There is no need to apply an undercoat – saving you time and money. Just select your paint colour and apply!

Contact Porta Customer Service for further advice or recommended contractors.

Species Information

Porta Primed Finger Jointed (FJ) Pine is pre-coated with two coats of a specially developed water-based primer that appears matte white. The timber is ready to finish with a top coat of acrylic or solvent based coating that complements your interior space.

Porta Primed Pine is manufactured from FJ Clear Pine which provides enhanced strength and stability. Primed FJ Pine is very easy to work with standard tools and it holds nails and screws very well.

Porta Primed FJ Pine Species Information

  • Primed FJ Pine – a softwood finger-jointed moulding with a water-based primer in a matte white finish. Ideal for painting with either acrylic or oil-based paints.


Porta is committed to sourcing timber from sustainable and environmentally responsible resources. Porta Primed FJ Pine is FSC® Certified.

Porta is certified under recognised schemes; PEFC and FSC® to supply responsibly sourced timber.

Sustainability Information

Portaline Brochure

Download our Portaline Brochure and Unlock Your DIY Potential.

Installation Guide

Explore the latest installation guide for Portaline Primed FJ Pine lining boards for your next project.

Order a Sample

Portaline is available in a range of architectural designs.

Where to Buy

Portaline in Primed FJ Pine are available in store and/or online from Bunnings Warehouse (search Porta lining boards).

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