Porta’s How-To videos are both informative and entertaining.

Understanding the Basics

This useful Porta DIY video is a great starting point to understanding the basics of what’s what in a standard room and the various names for mouldings that can be found in your home.

Porta Tips

  • Acclimatise your mouldings 24-48hrs prior to installation.
  • Apply at least the first coat prior to installation.

How to install Porta Contours

How to Refresh a Kitchen Island

Footage Courtesy of Rumahxkita

How to install Porta Endure

How to install Porta Handrails

How to make a canvas frame

How to remove labels

How to install architraves & corner blocks

How to install skirting boards

How to install/insert a panel mould

How to install cornice

How to install a picture rail

How to a dado/chair rail

How to edge a shelf

How to finish a floor with mouldings

How to make a picture frame

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