Take advantage of Porta’s 60 years of timber expertise to custom design architectural mouldings to your specifications.

Porta Custom Mouldings

We can match your existing profile or help you create new and unique architecturally designed mouldings. We commit to working together through each stage of the process to meet your specific requirements.

Porta can custom mould in a large variety of timber species and will advise you on the most suitable timber for your application. We handle complicated profiles and large volumes with ease and assurance.

Please note minimum order size ranges from 300 LM per run.

Lead times are subject to timber availability but typically 8-12 weeks (project dependant).

Porta Custom Moulding Profiles

To create your custom moulding call us today or click here to send us your requirements.

To make your custom moulding, Porta will need:

  • A physical sample of the profile or drawing ‘to scale’ (DXF, JPEG, PNG)
  • The selected timber species (we can assist with advice to choose a suitable species depending on the application)
  • Specification details
  • Quantity required
  • Delivery details

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Porta match any profile?

Yes, if your profile isn’t one of our existing moulding profiles, we can match it (or take it from your drawings) and make it to your requiremnets. The cost depends on the profile size and required species and any additional surface finishes . Your profile can be taken from an existing shape, a sketch, drawing or CAD model.

Contact us for your custom job or to discuss your design requirements