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We are Porta….the people who know and love timber!

We pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s leading supplier of timber products, mouldings and custom moulding services to the home improvement, building, trade and commercial sectors.

An Australian-owned and operated company Porta has a rich history spanning over 70+ years proudly manufacturing and distributing a broad range of timber products using various local and imported certified timber species.

Porta’s milling and importing operations provide quality timber, moulding and design solutions to the construction, commercial and industrial sectors, for home improvement, and also to specifiers and designers. Porta leverages our expertise in timber to source and provides aesthetic and decorative products for the architectural, designer and specifier industries. Porta’s timber product range offers innovation and unique designs for interior and external applications.

Porta is committed to sustainable and renewable operations giving priority to sourcing timbers from certified sources. Backed by a team that is passionate about timber and with the expertise to meet your specific needs.

Porta’s brand is built on the 4 pillars that govern how we operate internally and guide our interactions with you. Porta strives every day to be:

  • Passionate & Dedicated
  • Engaging
  • Reliable & Trustworthy
  • Experts

We are focused on helping to meet your timber needs and like us….know and love timber!