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Tasmanian Oak

Technical Features

Tasmanian Oak timber finishes and polishes well, holds nails, screws firmly and glues extremely well. It is a Durability Class 3 timber, suitable for construction of window/door frames with appropriate coating protection. Porta’s core moulding range is Porta Select Grade, which features very few marks and natural characteristics, making it a stronger, cleaner and more versatile timber.

Visual Features

The colour of Tasmanian Oak ranges from “straw” to light reddish/brown. Natural variations in grain, colour and texture are considered a characteristic of the species and are not recognised as a defect. The Porta range uses Tasmanian Oak in a range of timber grades as per AS 2796.2 – 2006. The core mouldings range uses Select grade.


Tasmanian Oak is a strong and stable timber, and easy to work. It is well known for its staining qualities which means you can easily match it with others timbers, finishes and furnishings. It planes, sands, finishes and glues well. This also makes Tasmanian Oak ideal for internal joinery applications, furniture and toys. This timber doesn’t usually steam bend very well because of the mix of timber species. Tas Oak is also ideal for woodturning projects (Select grade only), and suitable for wet areas with appropriate oil based undercoating protection.


Tasmanian Oak is suitable for a wide range of internal applications including furniture, mouldings, decorative trim, cabinetry, flooring, windows & doors, internal joinery (architraves & skirting) and toys. Also ideal for woodturning projects (Select grade only).

Tasmanian Oak FAQ’s

Can Porta’s Tasmanian Oak be used in a load bearing or structural application?

Porta’s Tasmanian Oak timber can be used in structural application within its structural performance. Typical properties for the species can be found in our specification sheets and at This information should be used as a guide.

Is Porta’s Tasmanian Oak treated with any chemicals?

Tasmanian Oak by Porta is exclusively made from timbers from independent, certified, sustainable and renewable Tasmanian operations. The timber is conditioned with potable town water, to stabilise the fibre. No chemicals are used in the production process.

Is Tasmanian Oak suitable for external use?

Porta Tasmanian Oak is often used for windows and external doors in the southern states, but it must be painted or sealed to ensure protection from the weather. It is best used for protected and indoor applications. It is not recommended for applications in tropical climates and where there is a high potential risk of insect attack.