Pinus Taeda (finger-jointed)

Technical Features

Primed FJ Pine is pre-coated with two coats of a specially developed water-based primer. It is manufactured from FJ Clear Pine which provides enhanced strength & stability and finger jointed glue-bonds offers longer lengths.

Visual Features

Pre-coated primed finish appears matte white.


Porta’s primed mouldings are ready to paint with either water (acrylic) or oil-based paints. Primed FJ Pine is very easy to work with standard tools. Its low density means it holds nails and screws very well.


Primed FJ Pine is ideal for a wide variety of internal applications including window & door trims, architrave, skirting and trim mouldings, decorative uses, toys, joinery/shelving, panelling, and lining boards.

Primed FJ Pine FAQ’s

What is pre-primed prepared with and what can it be coated with?

Porta Primed FJ Pine is prepared to be ready to finish with a top coat of acrylic or solvent based coating. It is good practice to fill any nail holes or marks first. Lightly sand with 600 grade aluminium oxide paper and wipe down. Then apply a suitable acrylic or solvent based top coating in your preferred gloss grade – matt, semi-gloss or full gloss.

Are pre-primed mouldings available?

Porta Primed FJ Pine is available in a range of profiles across the range. The primed process includes pre-sanding, a first coat, sanding and a second coat. The final finish is ready for most applications of a top coat providing a substantial time and cost savings. For high gloss and after filling any fixing holes with a suitable wood filler, add an additional prime coat, sand and complete the job with a finishing coat of paint.

Can I use oil based paints on primed pine?

Yes, oil or solvent based paints can be used. Apply a light sanding and wipe down before applying the paint. Lightly sand and wipe down before applying your oil based paint coating.

Do I need to paint over Primed Pine?

The primer used on Porta Primed Pine is not formulated as a finish coat to withstand wear and tear. It is ready to accept a finish top coat, yet we recommended to firstly sand lightly, wipe down before applying a finish top coat (water-based acrylic or oil based solvent paint).