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Pinus Radiata

General Purpose Pine is a soft and low density timber with natural features and markings that enhance its character making it popular for furniture, decorative and DIY projects. It is used as a cost-effective timber when a solid timber substrate is required.
Technical Features
Porta's General Purpose Pine is a unique specification to Porta based on AS 4785.1 - 2006. It is a low durability Class 4 timber and sits between clear and standard grade to ensure it is suitable for a range of applications.
Visual Features
General Purpose Pine, like Clear Pine is typically a cream to light-straw in colour. The key difference between is General Purpose Pine is given a greater allowance for natural timber features such as knots, resin pockets and other natural characteristics of the timber.
General Purpose Pine is easy to work with using standard tools, however, its knotty character and resin canals can cause premature blunting of cutters. The timber holds nails and screws well, and glues easily with common adhesives. It is usually selected to provide the foundation and structure for many renovation, carpentry and DIY projects. This timber can be painted, stained, colour washed, waxed or left raw. Its grain accepts preservative treatment well which can provide protection for exterior use - see Porta's Treated Pine products.
General Purpose Pine is suitable for a wide range of projects where a solid timber is needed at a cost-effective price point and where appearance isn't critical. Commonly selected for use in bracing, shelving, renovating and many other DIY projects.

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