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Cumaru is a very dense, extremely hard-wearing timber suited to a variety of internal and external applications across residential, commercial and structural/civil construction applications. Cumaru is also known as Tonka and Brazilian Teak. Compared to other Australian hardwoods only negligible tannin bleeding occurs.

Dipteryx odorata


Porta Cumaru is an extremely strong timber - beams are strength graded to F34 and posts to F27. This stronger timber enables longer spans, reduces number of posts and saves you money for on-site labour. Porta Cumaru has a very high density of 1,085 kg/m3. It meets the requirement as a BAL 19 timber as specified in AS 3959-2009 for use in timber construction in bushfire zones. Porta Cumaru is a Class 1 timber with an above-ground life expectancy of greater than 40 yrs and in-ground of greater than 25 years. Also termite-resistant.


Porta Cumaru is an attractive timber, with a unique interlocking grain. Mid-brown in colour with a reddish or purple hue when cut changing to brown with red or gold flecks. It can age to a lustrous grey if left uncoated.


Pre-drilling for screwing or nailing when installing decking is recommended. Its inherent hardness has a blunting effect on tool cutting edges, therefore saws/chisels/drills etc. need to be sharpened more often. It can be sanded, oiled and painted very easily. Porta recommends using an oil-based paint/stain preparations due to its high timber density, as water-based products have minimal penetration for long-term coating durability. Compared to other hardwoods tested Porta Cumaru demonstrated near-zero tannin bleed. However Porta recommends cleaning of timber prior to installation and a suitable sealer to protect the timber and minimise any potential run off of natural resins onto surrounding surfaces.


Porta Cumaru is ideal for applications where a durable timber is needed such as decking, cladding, pergolas, boardwalks, street furniture and marina applications.