Commonly known as Scrub Gum, Flooded Gum, or Rose Gum

Technical Features

Eucalyptus Grandis: an impressively fast-growing Australian hardwood. Thriving best in the right conditions, it stands as one of the most productive eucalyptus timbers harvested from sustainable plantations. Renowned for its density and resilience, Eucalyptus grandis effortlessly bonds with adhesives and embraces paint, stain, oil, and polish, making it a favorite for diverse applications.

Visual Features

Eucalyptus Grandis timber enchants with its distinctive palette of soft pinks and peach hues, revealing a unique beauty marked by intriguing insect trails and pinholes. Despite its occasionally coarse texture, it proudly showcases a predominantly straight and consistent grain pattern.


Eucalyptus Grandis, a dense and robust hardwood, bonds seamlessly with standard adhesives and easily takes on paint, stain, oil, and polish.


This Australian Hardwood is widely chosen for its versatility in joinery, furniture, flooring, balustrading, panelling, mouldings, external cladding, and pergolas.

Eucalyptus Grandis FAQ’s

Can Eucalyptus Grandis be used externally?

Eucalyptus Grandis is recommended for internal applications only. 

What timber species is Eucalyptus Grandis?

Eucalyptus Grandis refers to the timber species Eucalyptus Grandis, also known as Red Gum or Flooded Gum.

Is Eucalyptus Grandis sustainably sourced?

Eucalyptus Grandis is FSC® certified as responsibly sourced timber. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide.