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Porta Cumaru is the ideal hardwood timber to meet the challenging requirements of today’s design trends, construction codes and sustainability demands.

Best of all Porta Cumaru is backed up by a company and people that know and love timber and have been a trusted family-run supplier for timber products for four generations. 

Porta Cumaru Hardwood

Porta Cumaru
Features & Applications

Key Features

Near- zero leaching

Janka rated 14.8kN

FSC certified – Meets stringent FSC certification standards

Bushfire rated BAL19

Beams rated F34 and posts rated F27

Class 1 for external above & in-ground applications

Termite Resistant
Natural resistance to termites

Product Range


Select grade
145 x 21mm, 90 x 21mm, 145 x 32mm

2.4m, 3.6m, RL


Dressed pencil round – kiln dried – F34 rated 

90×45, 140×45, 190×45, 240×45, 290×45

2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m


Square edge, unseasoned green posts – F27 rated 

90×90, 110×110, 135×135, 185×185

2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 5.4m


Pencil round – select grade appearance

40×20, 40×30, 60×30, 63×30, 40×40, 60×40
(Expanding range – check back for updates)

1.81, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6


Shiplap profile or made to order custom profiles

132 x 18 mm (cover)

RL (Random Length)


Multiple profiles – Round, Rectangle, Oval, Dowel*

47×35 (Round), 70×29 (Rectangle)
70×31 (Oval), 43mm diameter (Dowel*)


*Satin-finish 316 stainless steel fitting and accessories available with the Porta Handrail System when using dowel 43mm.

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How to specify

Product: Timber will be Porta Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata). Technical Features: FSC® certified, near-zero tannin bleed, with a density of 1,085 Kg/m3, certified Class 1 durability to AS 5604 natural durability above ground and resistant to Australian termites, min. Janka hardness of 14.8kN, a seasoned structural rating of F34 (beams) and bearer and joist width must not be less than 45mm, MOE of 22GPa, MOR of 175MPa, or unseasoned rating of F27 (posts). Where unseasoned Porta Cumaru timber is used, appropriate construction procedures must be adopted to compensate for the shrinkage. Porta Cumaru timber supplied for structural purposes such as posts, bearers and/or joists shall comply to AS 2082 and deck boards timber shall comply with AS 2796. Porta Cumaru timber should be pre-finished in the factory and a quality coating applied on all sides. Cut edges should be end sealed.

Certification: Porta will provide a compliance guarantee with all orders indicating the Porta Cumaru timber has FSC® certification.

Preparation and Installation:

All decking timbers require adequate ventilation. It is recommended that decking is installed with ideally 400mm (a minimum of 150mm) above ground level to provide ventilation.

The cut ends of deck boards should be covered by a finishing end board, rather than leaving the end grain exposed. End grains are particularly susceptible to wetting, drying and leeching of extractants and should be coated with a specialised end-grain sealer.

It is recommended that final decking coated applied immediately following construction and the coating reapplied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Maintenance and Care:

Like all timbers, care and attention when installing Porta Cumaru will further enhance durability and ease of maintenance:

When specifying Porta Cumaru request pre-oiling. This ensures all sides are evenly coated with a high-quality coating, reducing time and cost on site. Porta recommends clear oil Cutek CD50® or equivalent.

Coat all end-grains and any on-site protrusions with an appropriate impermeable end grain sealer. Porta recommends Teknos Teknoseal 4000 or equivalent. This minimises end cracking by sealing the end grain from moisture and ensuring the long-term beauty of Porta Cumaru. Click below to download a flyer with more information. 

A maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure the timber retains its beautiful appearance. Unprotected timber will discolour when exposed to UV radiation. To retain the timber’s natural colour regularly apply pigmented coatings to protect the timber from UV and moisture as per manufacturers’ recommendations. Call Porta for more information on coating recommendations.

Should a silver-grey look be desired, regularly apply a clear unpigmented coating to protect the timber from moisture as per the manufacturers’ recommendation.

For more details see the Porta Installation Guide, or,

Call Porta for more information on coating recommendations.

Technical details

Please click here to access our FAQ on Cumaru. Also refer to our Timber Species page for an overview about Cumaru timber species.

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