H3 Primed FJ Pine
Discover the seamless blend of design and function with Porta's Fascia Bullnose architrave. With its distinctive bullnose profile, it adds sophistication to any space, gracefully concealing the junctions between walls and door frames or window sills. Beyond its decorative flair, it can be used as a skirting board, ensuring a polished finish where walls meet floors. Crafted with precision and designed for easy installation, this architrave promises enduring elegance. Choose Porta for a touch of timeless luxury.

Species Features

  • FSC Certified Timber
  • Treated H3 Primed FJ Pine - LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) coating
  • A Soft and Low-Density Timber
  • Timber is coated with a green, water-based primer, and ready to paint.
  • Resistant to rot, termite, & fungi threats

Timber Tip

Timber Tip

Large skirtings work well with higher ceilings. To create contrast select an architrave one size down.

Fascia Bullnose Architrave- H3 Primed FJ Pine

190 x 18 mm
Length: 2.7 m
190 x 30 mm
Length: 2.7 m