Tasmanian Oak
Porta's Rounded Edging Bead is used to finish off the edges of boards, shelving and benchtops. It is also an ideal strapping to cover the butted joints of sheet material such as plywood and cement sheeting.

Species Features

  • Warm, relatively dense & resilient Hardwood
  • Core mouldings range available in Select grade however other grades available on request
  • Excellent staining qualities
  • Suitable for wet areas with appropriate oil based undercoating protection
  • Indoor Use
  • Outdoor Use above ground 7-15 years (needs to be painted or coated)

Timber Tip

Timber Tip

Add 10% to your calculation for moulding requirements to allow for cutting and waste

Edging - Round - Tasmanian Oak

20 x 5 mm
Length: 2.4, 3.0 m
30 x 5 mm
Length: 2.4 m
30 x 8 mm
Length: 2.4 m
40 x 5 mm
Length: 2.4 m
40 x 8 mm
Length: 2.4 m