Primed FJ Pine
Porta's Colonial Architrave features the colonial TABMA AS10 profile design. This serves as a decorative trim around door frames and windows. They are designed to hide the gap between the wall and the door jamb or the window frame. They are also used as skirting boards where the wall meets the floor.

Species Features

  • Pre-primed - ready to paint
  • Knot-free Finger Jointed softwood
  • Easy to work with - cut, nail, glue
  • Micro-sized finger joints - enhanced strength & stability
  • Indoor Use
  • Suitable for Wet Areas with appropriate oil based undercoating protection

Timber Tip

Timber Tip

Add 10% to your calculation for moulding requirements to allow for cutting and waste

Colonial Architrave - TABMA AS.10 - Primed FJ Pine

42 x 11 mm
Length: 2.7 m
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66 x 11 mm
Length: 2.7 m
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