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Our Products

Our product range covers a broad variety of functional and decorative timber profiles... Everything you need for a satisfying, professional result. Produced from top quality timber. You can buy a Porta timber product in single lengths and a multitude of sizes to meet the requirements of your next project. 

  1. Archs Skirts thumb sml

    Architraves & Skirting

    Porta's range of architraves and skirting help you create an overall framework for your home decorating theme. Choose sleek lines for a contemporary feel or go decorative for a more elegant look. Skirting help protect walls from everyday wear and tear whilst architraves have a functional purpose by hiding the gap between the wall lining, door jamb or window frame. 

  2. Internal External Corners Flooring Moulds 021 rec

    General Purpose Mouldings

    Porta's range of general purpose timber mouldings are functional to help you complete any project around the home. From edging to external corners, quad to more decorative shapes in a variety of different sizes. 

  3. Core Building DAR Largest 014 rec

    Dressed All Round

    Porta's comprehensive range of DAR - Dressed All Round timber provides the foundation of many renovation, carpentry and DIY projects with sizes starting from as small as 6 x6mm square up to 190x30mm. Available in both the indoor and outdoor range. Download and view the full range of Porta's Dressed All Round (DAR).

  4. Windowsdoors profiles 009 rec

    Window & Door Profiles

    Porta's Window & Door Moulding range has everything you need for a professional result whether it's a big job, small job or major renovation. From finishing a window trim with beading to installing a new Door Jamb you will find a profile or style to match your project needs. Download and view the full range of Porta's window & door profiles.

  5. Kids Hero rec

    Decorative Wall Trim

    Porta's ceiling and wall trim can help you enhance your room. From classic to retro, colonial to modern you can easily create the room you love. Experiment with different design profiles to enrich the ambience and style of your home. Download and view the full range of Porta's Decorative Wall Trim.

  6. dowels 042 rec


    Porta Dowels has a wide variety of uses include handrails, curtain rods, towel rails of hobbies and crafts. Use different sizes for different projects. You probably get a handle on dowel every single day, too. Dowel is used for brooms, dusters and garden tools. Humble, practical and so versatile, that’s dowel. 

  7. porta handrail MEGANAV V2


    Porta Handrails are available in three stylish designs that are classic yet contemporary.  Ideal for assisted living rails, staircases, steps and rail access and perfect for home renovation projects. Manufactured from resilient and premium grade Australian Hardwood. Click here to download the Porta Handrail flyer.

  8. H3 Treated Pine 032 rec

    Outdoor Mouldings

    Porta's treated mouldings are impregnated with special preservatives to provide long term protection against termites, rot, decay and weather. H3 rated they are ready to paint or stain and are ideal for a variety of external applications. Download and view the full range of Porta Outdoor Trim.

  9. moody rec

    Picture Framing Profiles

    Porta's range of picture framing profiles give you the opportunity to customise any DIY framing project. Experiment with different profiles to give your project that perfect finish. Finish by staining or painting to match or complement existing décor. Download and view the full range of Porta's Picture Framing Profiles.

  10. forescolor

    FORESCOLOR - Coloured MDF

    For Specifiers/Designers: An innovative MDF available in 9 colours. Its application is only limited by your imagination.

  11. sawn timber thumb

    Rough Sawn Timber

    Porta stocks a wide range of local and exotic (kiln dried) certified timber in various grades.

  12. custom mouldings thumb

    Custom Mouldings

    Designed by you, made by timber experts. Profile matching or unique architecturally designed mouldings.

  13. Cumaru Mega Nav Image

    Cumaru Hardwood - Beams - Decking - Posts

    Cumaru is a very dense, extremely hard-wearing hardwood that has negligible tannin bleeding.
    The ideal timber for heavy construction, boardwalks, decking and external/internal applications
    Available in Beams, Decking & Posts

  14. Timber Beams Posts pergola Karri cropped

    Karri Hardwood - Beams - Posts - Decking

    Karri is highly durable, attractive hardwood perfect for various exterior applications such as decking, screening & pergolas
    Available in Decking & Beams

  15. Furniture Dowel group cat

    Furniture Dowels

    Porta’s Furniture Dowels include round fluted multi-grooved and oval multi-grooved designed dowel joints.

  16. Jarrah Hardwood_decking application

    Jarrah Sawn Timber

    Jarrah Hardwood - suitable for various joinery, furniture & decorative timber applications

  17. Door Jamb Mega Nav 290x190

    Porta Door Jamb Sets

    Porta Door jamb sets are available in various dimensions in both Single Flat set and Rebated