Tasmanian Oak
Porta's Fly Bead has a rounded profile suitable for a range of trimming applications on windows and doors. Can also be used on a wider range of trims for interior design or DIY projects such as unique wall designs.

Species Features

  • Warm, relatively dense & resilient Hardwood
  • Core mouldings range available in Select grade however other grades available on request
  • Excellent staining qualities
  • Suitable for wet areas with appropriate oil based undercoating protection
  • Indoor Use
  • Outdoor Use above ground 7-15 years (needs to be painted or coated)

Timber Tip

Timber Tip

Add 10% to your calculation for moulding requirements to allow for cutting and waste

Fly Bead - Tasmanian Oak

18 x 6 mm
Length: 2.4 m