Mixed Hardwood
Porta Door Jamb sets are pre-cut and ready to install. Each door jamb set includes 2x stiles (sides) and a header. The DJF profile has a set of 30x12mm Loose Stops which are supplied loose to allow them to be fixed to the jamb to suit the thickness of the door. Suits 2.1m high and up to 900m wide.

Species Features

  • Readily accepts paints, stains, finishes and polishes well
  • Strong and stable timber
  • Suitable for wet areas with appropriate oil-based undercoating protection

Timber Tip

Timber Tip

Door Jamb Set Flat (Loose Stop) - Mixed Hardwood

110 x 19 mm
Length: 2.1 m
120 x 19 mm
Length: 2.1 m