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The 10 Commandments for Architects and Outdoor Cladding

Timber cladding is favoured by architects for its versatility and ability to reconnect people with nature. Architects should follow these 10 Commandments for the use of Outdoor Cladding to ensure an amazing outcome when incorporating boards and architectural cladding in their outdoor designs.

1. Performance

Timber cladding is gaining traction as an exterior design element by the world’s most advanced architects for its high-performance standards. Timber species have different properties, so be sure to choose the right kind for the job.

2. Endurance

Porta Endure’s Cumaru species is a high-performing Class 1 durable timber that outperforms other species. It is ideal for residential and commercial applications and is guaranteed to last 40-plus years with the right care and maintenance.


Porta’s commitment to sourcing timber from sustainable and environmentally responsible resources is a standard that architects should strive to uphold.

4. Decorative and functional

Timber wall cladding and other external timber cladding can be used to achieve architectural outcomes that are decorative and functional. Our Porta Cumaru timber posts and beams are perfect for creating an outdoor garden feature. Make them a part of your stunning outdoor visual creation.

5. Resistance

Timber is beautiful but has the potential to attract some unwanted pests. Our outdoor cladding ranges such as Porta Cumaru have been tested for Termite resistance and perform better than other species.

6. Protection

When building in a bushfire prone area, it is essential to ensure that the outdoor cladding achieves an acceptable Bushfire Attack Level rating (or BAL). Porta Cumaru meets the National Construction Code for Australia with a BAL19 rating.

7. No leaching

Timber leaching, often referred to as tannin leaching is a common problem in a lot of timber and can tarnish a wonderful design. Opt for a non-leaching timber, such as Porta Cumaru as these timbers are unlikely to leach tannins and will leave you with a beautiful transition between materials like in this architect designed renovation.

8. Creativity

Outdoor cladding accentuates any creative design. Porta Cumaru’s hardwood decking was featured in the 2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Recreate a similar look for your outdoor space.

9. Knowledge

Architects should have a knowledge of timber species and which is best for the kinds of designs they envision for the exterior of residential or commercial projects.

10. Style

Porta Cumaru hardwood timber meets even the most stringent design requirements. It is durable and beautiful, allowing for the creation of stylish residential and commercial spaces. Whatever your space, incorporating timber into your project is a great way to create an amazing outdoor design.