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Enjoy the great outdoors and take your Jenga skills and strategies to the next level with Giant Jenga!

Providing hours of entertainment for the entire family, Giant Jenga is a game of skill and strategy.

How to play

2+ players

  1. Stack the Jenga blocks onto a flat surface in rows of three – changing the direction of the blocks for each layer.
  2. Using one hand, take in turns to carefully pull or push a block from any layer of the stack, except the top layer.
  3. Place the removed block on top of the tower.
  4. Continue to build the tower in rows of three until the tower becomes unstable and falls.

Mix it up

Mix it up by writing questions or dares on the ends of each block. When the block is removed, the player must answer the question or complete the dare.


  1. Remove the easy or safest blocks first.
  2. Select loose blocks or blocks that are already poking out of the stack.
  3. Take blocks from the top or middle of the stack (or, make it more difficult for the next player by removing them from lower in the tower).
  4. Place removed blocks to keep the tower from toppling over (or, place them on the weakest point of the tower to make it more difficult for the next player).

Playing Tips

  1. Take your time. If you go too quick, the blocks can topple over.
  2. Push or pull blocks from the middle of the stack.

The Porta timber products featured in this project are available from all major timber and hardware stores. Find your nearest stockist.

Products used:
To make 54 Giant Jenga blocks:

  • 5 x 2.4m lengths of 70 x 45mm Porta Dressed All Round Pine

To make your own Giant Jenga blocks view the specifications and step-by-step instructions in the project sheet below.