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Playing dice is a perfect boredom buster and educational tool all rolled into one!

By playing dice, kids can learn new skills and improve on some existing ones – all without realising they are actually learning.

How to play – Passage

2+ players | 2 dice

  1. Take turns rolling a die. Whoever rolls the highest plays first. The player that rolled the lowest number rolls again. The number on this die becomes the “point number”.
  2. The first player rolls the dice. If this player rolls the “point number”, they get one point. If they roll the “point number” on doubles, they get two points.
  3. There is only one roll per turn.
  4. The first to 11 wins.

For more dice games, view the project sheet below.

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Products used:
To make 90 x 90mm Giant Dice:

  • 1 x 1.2m lengths of 90 x 90mm Porta Dressed All Round Pine

To make your own Giant Dice view the specifications and step-by-step instructions in the project sheet below.