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Make learning fun with this versatile and educational colour-matching and counting game.

 Ideal as a boredom buster, your kids will have hours of fun playing with this multi-purpose game!

How to play – Colour Matching

Match the coloured dowel to the corresponding coloured holes.

How to play – Counting

Place the correct number of dowel into the corresponding numbered holes.

Mix it up

Write different words on the dowel pieces and ask your child to:

  1. Count the syllables.
  2. Count the number of letters.
  3. Make a sentence.
  4. Group animals, food, places etc.
  5. Make shapes.

The Porta timber products featured in this project are available from all major timber and hardware stores. Find your nearest stockist.

Products used:

  • 1 x 1.2m length of 70 x 70mm Porta Dressed All Round Pine
  • 10 x 1.2m lengths of 6mm Porta Dowel Pine

To make your own Colour Matching and Counting Game view the specifications and step-by-step instructions in the project sheet below.