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Transform your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary with this natural, earthy headboard DIY from wellness blogger Kiera Rumble and Bunnings.

“I have been wanting to do my own DIY bedhead project for a while now,” explains Kiera. “I decided that I wanted to make the bedhead out of Porta half dowel rounds. Below you will find these simple step by step instructions on how to make a DIY headboard to transform your bedroom into the ultimate little sanctuary.

“This bedhead is perfect for those that are renting, as you don’t need to fix anything to the wall, and you can bring it with you when you move.

“I have opted to go with the 30mm Tasmanian Oak half round dowel with a ‘natural’ finish from Porta. Using Tassie Oak isn’t the cheapest option but in in my opinion looks more premium.

“I used Tasmanian Oak for its decorative design and its functional application. I also used it because it does have a subtle range of colours, so it was perfect to keep in its natural state.

“I say ‘natural’ as I didn’t want to paint or varnish it. I was recently watching an episode of Grand Designs and the house that was getting built was centred around LOW VOC finishes and applications. The Tasmanian Oak from Porta isn’t treated with any chemicals, so this was the perfect fit.

“If I was going to paint the headboard, I may have opted to use the Porta dowels in Clear Pine which is a lot cheaper.

“I also opted for a full dowel finish on the ends but this was a personal preference, you could always frame the headboard but this takes away from the round finish in my opinion. We also used the off cuts from the MDF Board as a little frame for the headboard as we have square skirting, so our headboard sits on top of these and finishes flush to the wall.”

For more information, check out Kiera’s blog,

The Porta timber products featured in this project are available from Bunnings.

Products used:

  •  30 x 2.4m lengths of 30mm Porta Dowel Half Round in Tasmanian Oak (this will vary depending on the size of your bedhead)
  • 2 x 30mm 1/4 Round Dowel in Tasmanian Oak (optional)

To make your own bedhead view the specifications and step-by-step instructions in the project sheet below.