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The Customer

Beeline is an Australian furniture company founded by husband and wife team Adam and Lucy Brislin. Beeline was named after the ‘working bee’ that is always a hive of activity and typifies Adam’s personality. Adam and Lucy’s vision is to make beautiful furniture that is designed to last.

Beeline’s furniture design captures Scandinavian and mid-century inspiration that is relaxed and modern. They like simple lines that are elegant and refined. Their point of difference lies in the small features and placement of timber, such as the end of the dowel showing through the timber legs of a stool.

Adam and Lucy work together on all product designs and create pieces they would include in their own home. They pride themselves on furniture that is made of quality timber and finished well, based on good workmanship. They both like to ensure the pieces are aesthetically pleasing the eye as well as lovely to touch.

Material of Choice

Adam uses Porta’s Tasmanian Oak in his furniture, mostly as timber dowels. He chose this ‘clean timber’ for its architectural appeal, with its clean straight grains and limited gum features. As an Australian company, Beeline prides itself on using and representing Australian furniture makers with Australian timber. Beeline’s style is complemented by Porta’s Tasmanian Oak which features blonde sandy tones, and lends itself to timeless fashion trends.

Adam chooses Porta timber dowels for their uniform roundness and stability. He also uses Porta’s sanding services for efficiency in finalising his pieces that create a smooth finish to the furniture.

The price of Porta Tasmanian Oak ensures Beeline’s end products are competitively priced and marketable. Beeline also appreciates having a supplier located close, and values the regular touch points with Porta’s sales representatives and product managers who often suggest new timbers and products to trial in Beeline’s production process. Ready and reliable availability is also valued as Beeline often makes pieces to order.


“I like Porta’s Tas Oak as it is a clean timber with clean straight grains and few gum features. I like to represent Australia and as an Australian furniture maker I use Australian timber.”

Adam Brislin – Founder & Furniture Maker

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