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Porta Profile Brochure
Download and view the full product profile range.

A comprehensive list of various profiles and timber species available.

Hardwood Handrail Flyer
The new Porta Handrails are available in three stylish designs, which offer a classic yet contemporary library.

Manufactured from premium grade Australian hardwood, they are ideal for assisted living rails, staircases, steps, rail access and home renovation projects. Designed with a centre groove for easy alignment and can utilise a standard handrail bracket.

Porta FORESCOLOR Brochure
FORESCOLOR offers limitless inspiration with a range of high quality, non toxic, solid coloured MDF boards in plain or embossed patterns.

Flooring Moulds
Finish your floating floors with Porta’s flooring range. View the flyer for dimensions and products available.

DAR (Dressed All Round) General Purpose Pine
Porta’s range of General Purpose Pine products are a cost effective grade of timber when a solid substrate is required. Ideal for furniture, decorative and DIY projects.

Meranti Timber Flyer
FSC Meranti mouldings are a cost-effective option when looking for a strong, stable and durable timber. View the flyer for more information about Meranti and the Meranti product range.

Meranti Veneer Flyer
Meranti Veneer mouldings are a suitable and cost-effective alternative to solid wood. The range is precision engineered with a layer of FSC Meranti (Veneer) wrapped onto a timber substrate. View flyer for more information about Meranti Veneer and products available.

Finger Jointed Pine Flyer
Porta’s knot-free paint grade timber is stable, straight and strong and easy to work. Download the Porta Finger Jointed Pine flyer for more information.

Treated Pine Flyer
Porta’s H3 Treated Pine mouldings are ideal for outdoor above-ground applications. Designed for long-term protection against termites rot, decay and weather. Download flyer for more information and to view the range.

Primed FJ Pine Flyer
Porta’s range of Primed FJ Pine mouldings are pre-primed and ready to paint. Made from premium grade clear softwood they are well-suited for your DIY home improvement project. View the flyer for Primed product range and dimensions.

Cumaru Hardwood Timber Flyer
Cumaru is a very dense, extremely hard-wearing and durable timber. Ideal for a variety of external and internal applications across both structural and decorative applications such as pergolas & decking, landscaping, cladding, boardwalks and marinas, and much more.

Tasmanian Oak Timber Flyer
Tasmanian Oak is an attractive and versatile hardwood timber suitable for a wide range of interior applications, from flooring to furniture, paneling to architraves. It has a natural warm finish that’s lights in colour and with a small uniform texture.