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White Wood

White Wood

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Tilia Americana
Skirting Mouldings White Wood Kids Bedroom

Technical Features

White wood, also known as American basswood or American linden is a very porous timber and therefore not a strong timber. It is excellent for carving and mouldings, the key reason Porta offers a range of decorative and interesting embossed profiles.

Visual Features

White wood is usually a pale-white to light-brown in colour with a straight grain and a fine and very uniform texture, often regarded as a featureless timber.


White wood is very easy to work with, very light and soft. It is easy to glue and can be stained beautifully with a wide range of finish tones.


White wood is most suited for mouldings, toy making and decorative DIY projects.


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White Wood FAQ's

How do I install White Wood trims?
Porta's White Wood light weight trim mouldings can be easily glued with a PVA adhesive or nailed with a light weight brad to a panel or wall.