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Meranti Veneer

Meranti Veneer

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Shorea, Parashorea
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Technical Features

Meranti Veneer is an engineered product using a high quality and stable Meranti timber. The face is a premium Meranti Veneer which offers an improved consistent colour and appearance. The substrate is finger jointed Meranti ensuring a stable and strong base. Porta's Meranti Veneer is sourced from FSC certified forests throughout South East Asia. The bond strength of the veneer and substrate have been tested to AS/NZS 4266.33.2004 - Veneer Bond Durability.

Visual Features

Meranti ranges from pale pink to reddish/brown. Porta's Meranti Veneer provides you colour consistency for your internal designs. It has a moderately coarse grain but even in texture with an attractive ribbon feature.


Meranti Veneer, like solid Meranti timber is easy to work with and has good nailing, screwing and gluing properties and readily accepts varnish, paint or stain.


Meranti Veneer is ideally suited to mouldings such as Architraves and Skirting .

Specification Sheet

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Meranti Veneer FAQ's

Can Porta's Meranti Veneer be clear coated?
Yes, Meranti Veneer is ideally finished with a clear coat of urethane coating. Ensure the timber is prepared with a light sand and cleaned before the finishing coat.
Where would you use veneered Meranti instead of other alternatives?
Use in applications where consistant colour and a premium finish is required, because the colour of Standard Meranti varies as it uses a combination of species and Pine product which can include defects and variation in grain which can reduce the quality of the finish.