Pinus Radiata

H3 Treated Pine

Technical Features

Porta’s H3 Treated Pine is impregnated with copper fixed ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) waterborne preservatives which increases the timber’s service life and durability for 30+ years. It is a safe, user friendly, preservative that complies with Australian Standard AS1604. H3 Treated Pine uses Select grade Pine. Porta grades Pine timber according to the Australian standard AS 4785.2. Select grade features very few marks and natural characteristics, making it a stronger, cleaner and more versatile timber.

Visual Features

H3 Treated Pine will initially have a greenish appearance that will eventually weather to a honey brown before fading to a lustrous grey after exposure to wind, rain and sun.


H3 Treated Pine is very easy to work with standard tools. Its low density means it holds nails and screws very well. It can be successfully stained, painted, waxed or colour-washed. Its open grain structure readily accepts preservative treatment. If modifying the original surface of the treated timber, you may expose untreated timber. If so, apply a brush-on or spray-on preservative to all cut-ends or modified surfaces.


H3 Treated Pine (ACQ treated) is ideal for a variety of above-ground outdoor applications such as window & door trims, playground construction, handrails/newel posts, pergolas and picnic tables/seats etc.

H3 Treated Pine FAQ’s

Can Porta’s treated pine be used for a pet kennel or externally?

Yes, H3 Treated Pine can be used for a pet kennel or external projects. It is treated with a fixed waterborne copper preservative, known as Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ). This protects against rot, decay, UV and weathering. Any chemical treatment may irritate the skin and it is advisable to seal all surfaces with an acrylic or urethane coating.

Is Porta’s H3 Treated Pine treated with any chemicals?

Porta Pine is conditioned with potable town water to stabilise the fibre. No chemicals or treatments are used in the production process. It is exclusively made from timbers sourced from independently certified, sustainable and renewable forest plantation operations. Porta H3 Treated Pine is treated with an ACQ process which is based on a Copper preservative.

Do I need to use a special type of fastener with H3 Treated Pine?

Yes, only use recommended hot dipped galvanised or stainless steel fasteners.

How do I store and care for H3 Treated Pine?

Store boards on a rigid, smooth, flat surface. Boards should be kept covered from direct sunlight, well ventilated and adequately supported. To care for H3 Treated Pine we recommend a clear or tinted oil-based water-repellent timber stain or paint preparation to be applied to all faces and edges.