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BeyondRest, a new floating experience recently opened in Melbourne after launching in Perth and Brisbane. Floating seeks to place a person in a relaxed state and achieve what the founding brothers call ‘super powers’. The design for the new Collingwood branch in Melbourne was awarded to Fiona Dunin, founder of FMD Architects. Given floating is about achieving greater awareness, connection, clarity, spirituality while reconnecting people with their true selves, Fiona wanted to design a calm and welcoming environment for the interior.

Fiona designed and specified soft round curves of timber dowels for the reception area. Tasmanian Oak is often chosen for this application because it accepts stains, tints and paints very well compared to other hardwoods. It is also a very sturdy, stable timber for internal use. Fiona’s builder Jon Coates from JNC Procision Building who installed the dowels shared the dowels were “easy to work with, smooth and sanded up very well….Porta’s dowels were good, no trouble at all”


Porta’s timber dowels in 30mm Tasmanian Oak. Dowels were painted in Dulux Vivid white

Product Code: DOW30TOSL.

All Porta timber dowels are available from Bunnings and all major hardware stores. For commercial and civil projects Porta offers custom moulded profiles including large timber dowels >45mm.