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This courtyard on the Sunshine Coast contains all the elements for outdoor living; barbeque area, seating and an outdoor shower!

Porta Endure – Strata cladding, made from durable Porta Cumaru timber, has been used to add depth and texture as it lines the courtyard space. Porta Cumaru Battens create a feature outdoor shower screen. The battens create drainage and ventilation and match the textured pattern of the Porta Endure Strata cladding used on the opposite wall for a consistent look.

The custom seating is made from Porta Cumaru and was installed with DeckWise hidden fixings.  There are no visible screws on the bench which creates a clean premium finish. 


  • Porta Endure Strata Cladding in Cumaru
  • Porta Cumaru Grooved 90mm decking & DeckWise fasteners

Project: Coz Constructions 

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