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This garden, designed and built by Fig Landscapes, applies a refined use of vegetation, timber, steel, brick and concrete. The materials create clean details and ensure a low maintenance garden. Additionally, they connect the series of outdoor spaces. The result is a collection of spaces that can be occupied privately or together comfortably host a large audience.

Porta Cumaru hardwood is used in details across the garden, for eaves, the pergola and screens. The timber pergola is approximately 3.6 x 5.4m, it functions as a shady retreat for the outdoor setting. Porta Cumaru is structurally rated F34 meaning the frame will be exceptionally sturdy. Further, Porta Cumaru inherently has negligible leaching, so there is no need to clean any unsightly bleeding that occurs naturally in many other timber species.   

Fig Landscapes is a leading landscape design and construction company based in both Byron Bay and Sydney, specialising in garden design, outdoor construction and garden maintenance.

Product: Porta Cumaru hardwood battens and posts

Design & Construction: Fig Landscapes

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