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The Background

Jaron Dickson from Ontic Design, prefers to design with timber because it can create a timeless aesthetic that many people admire. Most importantly because it is an incredibly workable yet durable material.

The Industrial designer first used Porta Tasmanian Oak timber for a product in the Grenache Wine System. The dowel spokes needed to be able to stay straight and last, because the system needed to hold a bottle of wine for decades. Porta Tasmanian Oak Dowels were the first choice because of their strength and quality.

Recently Ontic Design curated their 2018 Look book and the brief was to create a styled space that was inviting but slightly surreal. Porta Contours lining boards brought subtle texture and pattern, and once stained grey it had a unique aesthetic.


Photo & Design Ontic Design

The Design

Porta Contours Crest was selected to create a continuous folded and faceted surface. Depth and shadow were achieved with the textured profile, which made a great backdrop for lighting. The wood grain tied the whole look together, as many products had timber features.

As a Melbourne based designer, it was important to Jaron to source local products. Porta Contours is moulded in Fairfield, Victoria from Tasmanian Oak. Working with an Australian owned and operated supplier aligned with the designer’s ethos.

The Porta Contours boards lock together to instantly transform a space with no extra fabrication and look extremely precise…. We use Tasmanian Oak because of its consistency in colour and grain which is perfect for our products that contain joins to make the surfaces look like a single piece.” 

Jaron Dickson

Designer, Ontic Design

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