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This home is unashamedly bold while paying homage to its heritage

Located in the leafy inner Adelaide suburb of Rose Park, South Australia, the Doyle Residence from Glasshouse Projects is refreshing, daring and alluring. Old meets new in this breathtaking renovation that seamlessly connects the home’s interior to its outdoor spaces.

Designed by architect Don Iannicelli, Director of Glasshouse Projects, this unique residence captures the essence of the homeowners. “Inspiration for the design came from our clients brief to create a contemporary extension to their beloved Queen Anne villa,” explains Don. “Our clients wanted a structure that was unashamedly bold while still paying reference to the old home.”

Exquisite timber cladding wraps from the exterior of the second storey extension and continues inside, softening the industrial material palette of polished concrete and brick. “We love the custom perforated steel staircase and the structural complexity that created the visual simplicity of the cantilevered upper story,” says Don.

Bringing nature indoors can also boost the health and wellbeing of occupants. Beautiful and sustainable Porta Endure timber cladding is so versatile that it can be incorporated into any design.

Porta Endure timber cladding combines the performance of Class 1 durable timber with designer profiles to create a range of timeless looking, long-lasting exterior finishes. Featuring a tongue and groove connection for easy installation, Endure reduces the ability of water getting behind the timber increasing its service life.

Made from Cumaru hardwood, Porta Endure timber cladding is ideal for residential and commercial applications and is guaranteed to last 40-plus years with the right care and maintenance.

“We have been extremely impressed with the stability of the product from the time it arrives on site and the limited tannins that have leached from the timber since installed over 12 months ago,” explains Don.

Timber leaching, often referred to as tannin leaching or bleeding, is a common problem in a lot of timber species and can tarnish a wonderful design. With near zero leaching properties, Porta Cumaru can be used next to light coloured surfaces and around pools leaving you with a flawless transition between materials.

“Working with Porta Timber through the original selection and specification process was informative and thorough. The ordering and supply process was effortless,” adds Don.

Product Used: Porta Endure Cladding in Shiplap and Corner Bead (pre-oiled)
Architecture & Construction:  Glasshouse Projects
Photography: Aaron Citti Photography

Pre-coating external timber products, like decking, cladding, posts, beams and handrails, assists in acclimatisation and improves the stability of the timber. The coating creates a barrier that reduces moisture loss and expansion / contraction.

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