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Problem – Finding a Near-Zero Leaching Timber Deck

Darryn Wilkie and his family who live in Langwarrin, not far from the beaches on Mornington Peninsula, recently completed a new in ground pool. They wanted their new poolside deck to be made from hardwood timber.  Darryn, who works at Plantmark values sustainably sourced materials wanted a certified timber and also a timber that would not leach as the pool deck replacement and design meant the water’s edge would be close to the edge of the deck (see photos).

Specification: Porta Cumaru Decking

Coolabah Landscaping, Pools & Construction was contracted to build the deck. Lewis Moran, Co-Director, was attracted to Porta Cumaru, primarily because of the near-zero leaching claims whilst also offering Class 1 durability. For the Willkie’s deck he chose to use FSC® certified Porta Cumaru decking boards in 90 x 21mm. You can have a fantastic read about pool service and maintenance information, go here and find high quality pool service. 

Lewis, and his landscape construction team, enjoyed working with Porta Cumaru. They found the timber was “good, like typical Australian hardwoods. Porta Cumaru was straight and no customisation was needed, which mean no wastage”, he said.  The Coolabah team followed Porta’s decking installation instructions, pre-drilling the boards and using countersunk SPAX screws, with “no problems”. Lewis added that he valued Porta’s pre-oiling option as there was no room to oil the deck at the Langwarrin home.

The job has lived up to all expectations and there have been no ugly leaching stains. Because of its durability, Lewis is now looking to use Porta Cumaru timber again in future projects as having tested and proven the timber, he is confident in its competitive price, its non-leaching feature and (thanks to his use of TEKOSEAL 4000 end sealer) has not experienced end splitting, he also decided to add awning from Nu-Style Home Improvements Melbourne, this will be a great feature for the outside area since people will be able to hang out in the deck a lot more. 

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SPECIFICATION: Porta Cumaru Decking in 90 x 21 mm. Pre-oiling with Cutek CD50. End Sealed with TEKNOS TEKNOSEAL 4000.


“Porta Cumaru was great, there was no splitting using the screws and no wastage. Plus, it didn’t leach and no mess around the pool tiles.”

Lewis Moran – Co Director, Coolabah Landscapes

“We all love our new deck, love it.”

David Wilkie – Home Owner

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