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Foolscap Studio is a design practice that is centred around the built environment and interior architecture at all scales. These designers understand better than most, the benefits of well-designed workplaces. So when it came to designing their Melbourne studio they decided to incorporate timber into the space, utilising the materials well-being benefits. According to a recent study, the more visible natural looking wooden surfaces a workplace had, the higher employee satisfaction was rated.

Known a biophilic design, natural materials and shapes are two design tactics that assist to create healthy and productive habitats for humans. By using Porta Contours textured lining boards, the designers created an organic undulating texture and shapes by pairing two different profiles together, Porta Contours Riverine and Cirque.

Product: Porta Contours Timber Linings Boards Riverine and Cirque
Project: Foolscap Studio – workplace
Design: Foolscap Studio
Image: Nicholas Wilkins

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