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The Customer

Mish Mosh Leg (MML) are a designer/furniture maker located in Brisbane, Australia, with a second workshop in the UK.

Established in 2015, MML design and make a range of furniture using a modular plug and play leg system, which means you can assemble your furniture instantly by simply plugging it together.

Mish Mosh handcraft the furniture’s legs and collaborates with other furniture makers to create unique furniture designs.

Products of Choice

Mish Mosh were inspired by the raw beauty of timber, and saw an opportunity to use Porta’s timber in their designs. They wanted to create furniture that can grow, shrink and pack away, so a child’s desk can have a growth spurt at the same time as the child. Porta provided various timbers for use in the manufacture of the furniture’s legs as well as choosing Porta’s coloured MDF product, FORESCOLOR, for the coloured tabletops.

Mish Mo chose FORESCOLOR colored MDF because of its durability and non-toxic features, important given the furniture is used by young children. While prototyping a solution for children’s furniture they wanted to find a material for the tops that would handle the wear by children. Trials conducted demonstrated that FORESCOLOR did not show dents or scratches as a painted surface normally would, and that the embossed texture complemented the grain of the timber legs.

“We chose the FORESCOLOR colored MDF by Porta because of its durability and natural texture. While prototyping a solution for children’s furniture we wanted to find a material for our tops that would wear well under use.”

Jack Dodgson – Founder, Mish Mo