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With basic DIY skills, you can make your own gorgeous Porta timber pot stands in a weekend!

These pot stands are designed with clean lines, allowing the warmth and beauty of natural timber to shine through.

Style them with the pots and plants of your choice. These stunning pot stands will add a chic and natural ambience to your home.

The larger stands are made with Porta Dressed All Round (DAR) legs and are designed to fit 25cm pots. The smaller stand are made with Porta Dowel legs and are designed to fit 17cm pots – both are made from Tasmanian Oak.

Porta Tasmanian Oak is a strong and stable hardwood that glues, sands and finishes well. It’s light colour, and its beautiful grain complements the simplistic design of the pot stands. The stands and can be painted, stained or left natural to suit your personal style and interior design.

The dimensions of the pot stands can be easily adapted to suit your requirements. Change the height of the legs to make the pot stands shorter or taller, or change the width of the base to suit your pots.

The Porta timber products featured in this project are available from all major timber and hardware stores. Find your nearest stockist.

Products used:
To make 2 x 500mm high pot stands (to fit 25cm pots) and 1 x 400mm high pot stand (to fit a 17cm pot):

  • 22mm Porta Round Dowel in Tasmanian Oak. Product Code: DOW22TOSL
  • 40 x 18mm DAR in Tasmanian Oak. Product Code: DAR4018TOSL
  • 30 x 18mm DAR in Tasmanian Oak. Product Code: DAR3018TOSL
  • 8mm Furniture Dowel in Tasmanian Oak. Product Code: DMG09TOSL

To make your own timber pot stands view the specifications and step-by-step instructions in the project sheet below.