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The Project

Situated on the coast is the University of California & San Diego observation and research centre. In a prime location, the building envelope has wide spans of glazing to capture ocean views. Therefore, the interior needed screening and shading to prevent glare in the work spaces.

The three story building is clad in over 420 lineal meters of Cumaru cladding and shaded with 1000 lineal meters of Cumaru battens. Through using sustainable materials and passive design the building achieved a high green building rating (LEED platinum).

The architect worked with the local community to gain acceptance of the development by modifying it’s overall footprint, position and look. All visual mechanical equipment was removed from the facade. Warm Cumaru timber cladding assisted to blend the building into it’s pier side setting. 

Source: Heppner
Project: Marine Ecosystem Observation and Modelling Lab at UCSD
Architect: THA Architecture
Image: RMA Architectural Photographs

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