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The local design team at Street Furniture Australia use Porta Cumaru battens for their Aria and Forum Seat products.

Street furniture can have a lifespan of ten, even twenty years, so materials with maximum durability are required for the long term. Porta Cumaru was selected as a material option because it met all the requirements the designer was looking for in a timber: it is hard wearing, sustainably sourced with a quality finish, and does not leach. Non-leaching timber is important for Street Furniture Australia’s customers, who are often custodians of high-traffic public places like transport interchanges, schools, shopping centres, aged care and streetscapes. 

The Aria Seat concept debuted in 2017 at Future Street, an installation in front of Customs House in Circular Quay, Sydney. The event showcased how the streets of the future might look and function. The Aria and PowerMe charging table were launched at the 2018 International Festival of Landscape Architecture, held at the Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast. Street Furniture Australia furnished the eField, the conference break out areas for delegates to relax and recharge their devices.

The Aria Seating System is designed by Street Furniture Australia’s in-house team and lead Principal Industrial Designer Danny Cheung.

Source: Street Furniture Australia 

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