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Burb Mechanics by Nuud Studio – an exhibition of common household materials transformed into unique pieces of art.

Unleash your inner ‘Burb Mechanic’ and create something truly unique and functional from everyday household materials.

With basic DIY skills, you too can create your own version of the striking ‘Sunshine’ drawers with Porta timber in a weekend!

This project was developed by Nuud Studio as a guide. Use it as inspiration to help you create your own exclusive design.

Experiment and change the materials and dimensions to complement your requirements and end use. The choice of finishing is also up to you. Try bright colours for a bold look, or shades of one colour for a monochromatic effect.

You can also repurpose ordinary household items, like the soap dish drawer handles used by Nuud Studio. With a bunch of basic DIY tools like hammers and travel table saws, the sky is the limit. The choice is yours!

The Porta timber products featured in this project are available from all major timber and hardware stores. Find your nearest stockist.

Products used:


  • 2x 290x900x18mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF (or MDF)
  • 290x200x18mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF (or MDF)
  • 1x 100x200x18mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF (or MDF)
  • Furniture Dowels


  • 8x 285x95mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF sides (or MDF)
  • 8x 175x95mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF fronts (or MDF)
  • 4x 175x270mm Porta FORESCOLOR MDF bases (or MDF)
  • 4 x Ceramic Soap Dishes or Drawer Handles

For inspiration on making your own ‘Sunshine’ drawers, view the guide in the project sheet below.