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The Design

As part of their NGV exhibition, ‘Burb Mechanics’, Nuud Studio investigated the design potential of transforming common household materials, which are readily available at hardware stores, into furniture.

By reimagining how timber mouldings can be used, the Melbourne designers transformed household building products such as dowels, skirting and trims, into a contemporary DIY furniture series.

To encourage and inspire others to create their own exclusive furniture designs, Nuud Studio developed a series of project guides that can be adapted and customised.

View prototypes in the gallery below, take a look at our Design Ideas section for the project guides.

Sources: NGV

The Product

Nuud Studio values the craftsmanship and complexity involved in making Porta’s timber mouldings. The products were selected for their aesthetic appeal and design features, as well as being relatively inexpensive and readily available in hardware stores.

Prototypes were made using Porta timber mouldings and Porta Forescolor solid coloured MDF.

Furniture projects include –

  • Sunshine Drawers
  • Caroline Springs Cabinet
  • Hoddle Totem Shelving
  • Fairfield Stool
Nuud Studio

Nudd Studio
Kerli Valk & Brad Mitchell

“We’ve been personally drawn to a lot of decorative things because of the complexity that’s required to make them. It’s identifying the beauty of the work that’s been put into them. The consumer can take advantage of that – [when] they are affordable.” – Brad Mitchell, Nuud Studio.

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