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The Problem

Broadsheet partnered with Foolscap Studio to design and fit out the restaurant interior for their pop-up restaurant in Sydney. The restaurant’s design sought to create a space that both celebrated the city’s vibe as well as borrow from the heritage of the hospitality scene.

Broadsheet was looking for a cost-effective and durable panelling material for their pop-up restaurant in Sydney, open from November to December 2016.

The Solution

Foolscap Studio selected Porta’s FORESCOLOR colored MDF panels. Porta was proud to be involved, supplying FORESCOLOR for the seat benches and wall panelling. The solid colour, non-toxic, sustainable and hardwearing MDF was ideal for this space that required a cost-effective yet durable solution.

Adele Winteridge, Director, Foolscape shared that FORESCOLOR is “great for vertical application in hospitality environments (with the right sealant) or horizontal use as ceiling panels. It looks beautiful as a finished product for joinery and wall panelling in residential environments”. The builders found the product easy to work with as the colour runs throughout the board – easy to cut, join and assemble on site.

Porta FORESCOLOR was chosen as it met Broadsheet’s specifications:

  • Solid colour – matched to their colour scheme
  • Durable – hardwearing surfaces were needed to handle the constant daily wear and tear
  • Non-toxic – made of organic sustainable materials
  • Colourful – matched the inky blue tones and paper ‘feel’ they required

“We think that FORESCOLOR is a great product to work with. Visually the matte quality and texture makes the product feel luxurious and elegant. Sustainability-wise we like that it is an E0, low-formaldehyde product, which means it is less toxic to work with and will not off-gas over the course of its life.

The builders loved working with the product as the colour runs all the way through the product, so it is easy to cut, join and work with onsite. It looks beautiful as a finished product for joinery and wall panelling in residential environments.

We think it could also be used as signage material, but have yet to test this out.”

Adèle Winteridge – Director – Foolscap Studio

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