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The Project

Brown Falconer Architects were commissioned by Aldinga Library, Aldinga Beach, South Australia to redesign the interior of the library. Head of Interior Design, Kristi Cook was inspired by the libraries location and wanted to highlight natural materials of timber, coral and the nearby beach into a modern design. The design incorporates colours such as mint green, turquoise, soft yellow and sea blues as well as natural looking materials such as raw timber. Inspired by the look of the dowels used to make peg boards, Kristi’s wanted her design to create a ‘beachy feel’ so she turned to the round timber dowel for the feature ceiling component on the library.

Kristi and her team wanted to create a striking reflective feature ceiling plan that would also incorporate many of the services such as CCTV, lights, smoke detectors, coupled with easy access and maintenance. The dowels lent themselves perfectly to meeting the design brief as well as hiding these services in the design.

Brown Falconer engaged Matt Guy from Guy Surfaces who worked collaboratively with manufacturer Keystone Linings & Acoustics to create a prototype of the ceiling. The team led by Matt Guy, from Guy Surfaces and Michael Robbins from Keystone designed each of the 250 uniquely designed panels that made up the ceiling, before engaging Shape Group builders to install the ceiling. Guy shared that the process included using “CNC machine to cut, perforate the MDF and then glue pine dowels into the MDF panels.”

The Specification

Round dowel in Clear Pine were selected as the timber dowels for the unique reflective ceiling feature. Michael Robbins thought the pine dowels were easy to work with, and, as they were supplied in Porta’s standard lengths there was minimal wastage. He shared that Porta dowels were “great to work with. The timber dowels were consistently straight as well as consistent diameter, importantly given the large volume used”.

Keystone Acoustics supplied the backing board of coloured MDF to which the dowels were attached. 169 Porta Dowels were attached to each of the 250 panels. 42,450 dowels were used to create the ceiling – 8.5km worth!

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Round Dowel 19mm in Clear Pine

Product Code: DOW19PICL

Photography: David Sievers Photography

“Porta’s timber dowels were great to work with. The timber dowels were consistently straight as well as a consistent diameter, important given the large volume used”

Michael Robbins, Project & Product Manager, Keystone Lining & Acoustics

 “We are pleased the dowels created such an impact in the feature ceiling…we are happy the dowels provided a natural look for the design”

Kristi Cook, Sector Leader – Interiors & Workplace, Brown Falconer

 “Having worked with Keystone Linings & Acoustics, Brown Falconer Architects and Shape Group to deliver such a unique ceiling feature, the final result is amazing”

Matt Guy, Director, Guy Surfaces

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