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The feel, warmth and aesthetics of timber can’t be replaced. Choose natural, durable timbers for your outdoor design that will last and look beautiful for many years. Durable timbers from Porta will withstand our country’s harsh conditions. Let us help you select the right outdoor timber product for your project, or call us to discuss our custom moulding services.

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Porta offers a range of durable and attractive decking options in resilient and attractive FSC Certified Cumaru.



Porta offers you a range of highly durable, attractive and strong hardwood timber beams. Available in various diameters and lengths. Durable hardwood beams provide and celebrate the aesthetics of timber either inside your home or ideally suited for external applications such as pergola’s, verandas and anywhere a durable low to non-leeching timber is needed.



Porta’s range of certified Cumaru hardwood posts are perfect for structural applications and heavy construction. Available in various diameters from 90mm through to larger 185mm.

General Purpose

General Purpose Trims

Porta’s general purpose timber mouldings are functional and versatile, ideal for a wide range of projects around the home and building space.

Windows & Doors

Windows & Door Trims

Porta’s Window & Door Moulding range is your one stop shop for a professional result whether the job is big, small or a major renovation.

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