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Hidden Deck Fasteners & Accessories

The result is a premium looking long lasting Porta Cumaru deck. 

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Conceal deck fixing with ExtremeKD Clips


Hide surface screws with Cumaru Timber Plugs.


DeckWise ExtremeKD Clip System

Makes installing a Porta Cumaru deck with concealed fixing fast, simple and strong.


Unlike other clips the DeckWise ExtremeKD clip is constructed of a hardened plastic polymer resin shell with a patented stainless steel insert which provides reinforcement.


  • Colour camouflaged.
  • UV & chemical resistant shell.
  • Corrosion resistant steel insert.
  • Design prevents over tightening.
  • Pull out resistance up to 500kg.

How to Install

Click for step by step instructions.

Step 1

Predrill a pilot hole. 

Step 2

Screw clip fastener on a 45 degree angle.

Step 3

Install the next board over the exposed side of the clip & repeat.

Step 4

Install the last deck board. Fasten the outside edge with surface screws, cover with plugs.

DeckWise Cumaru Timber Plug System

When deck clips are not the preferred choice – hide surface screws left in face-fixed decking.


The DeckWise® Cumaru Timber Plugs are made from the same species as Porta Cumaru so they remain stable in the deck board. The plugs tapered design make it easier to infilling holes left by face fixing.


  • Cover face-fixing
  • Colour coordinated
  • Solid hardwood
  • Same species as Porta Cumaru
  • Ideal for tight spaces

How to Install

Click for step by step instructions.

Step 1

Install the first deck board & drill a 3.2 mm pilot hole.

Step 2

Drill a 9.5 mm countersink hole approximately 9.5 mm deep.

Step 3

Drive a deck screw through the countersunk hole.

Step 4

Put a drop of glue in the countersunk hole.

Step 5

Insert a wood plug into a countersunk hole.

Step 6

Flush cut excess plug material. Sand for final finish.

Available in kits

ExtremeKD Clip Kit

Suitable for 20m2 deck
– ExtremeKD Clips 525 per pack
– Black Stainless Steel Trim-Head Screws*
– 3.2 mm (1/8″) High Speed Drill Bit
– T15 Star Drive Tip*
– Deck Board Spacers

Use with Porta Cumaru Grooved Decking DEKG9021CUSL & DEKG14521CUSL

*Accessories available separate

Cumaru Master Plug Kit

Suitable for 20m2 deck
– Cumaru Plugs 1050 pieces per pack*
– Stainless Steel Trim-Head Screws*
– DeckWise® Drill & DriveTM Kit*
– 120ml wood glue


How to specify

Choose the required system + Porta Cumaru decking board. For full specification details see Specifying section of the Install Guide. 


This guide outlines key selection, installation and maintenance issues of the Deckwise® Extreme KD® Clip and Deckwise ® Master Plug systems. These systems are ideally used with Porta Cumaru decking boards.

Sample Request

DeckWise fixings complement the range of Porta Cumaru hardwood decking.

Install Guide.

This guide outlines key selection, installation and maintenance issues of the Deckwise® Extreme KD® Clip and Deckwise ® Master Plug systems. These systems are ideally used with Porta Cumaru decking boards.

About DeckWise

DeckWise ExtremeKD Clip system stainless steel reinforced clip is 3x stronger than other concealed clip systems. These are quick to install with Porta grooved decking providing a smooth, fastener-free surface.

DeckWise Cumaru Timber Plug system is matched to Porta Cumaru decking, to provide positive & secure screw fastening with quick to install concealed plugs for a premium finish.

Find out more about decking.

The DeckWise fastening system is designed to be used with Porta Cumaru decking.


How do I install the screws?

Screws should be fixed using a non-impact drill driver. Impact drivers will damage the screw drive bit and/or snap the screw. Use Drill & Drive to countersink the deck board. If  fixing onto Cumaru joists, the joist must be pre-drilled to the full depth (using a 3.2mm diameter drill bit). Softwood joists do not need to be pre-drilled.

What is the warranty?

We assure the product will perform in accordance with claims in DeckWise product information; being:

DeckWise warrants that at the time of sale, the components to be free of defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the terms.

This warranty does not cover damages from improper installation, abuse, alteration, disasters, misuse and treatment in a manner other than as intended.

The warranty is limited to replacement of the hidden deck fasteners. The warranty does not cover costs of removal, installation, re-installation, decking materials, installation tools, and assumes no loss of use, liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Is it ok to use the clips of the 145x32mm decking?

No the 145×32 should be face fixed. Whilst you could use the individual plugs for a job, the kit contains screws that are designed for the 21mm decking.

Is it ok to use the clips of the 145x21mm decking?

Whilst we recommend that 145x21mm decking is face fixed, for optimum stability, the clips are suitable to be used on this width decking in most applications.

Where are these products made?

ExtremeKD Clips and Cumaru Timber Plug systems are made in America. The Porta Cumaru decking is grooved in Fairfiel, Victoria.

What if I use the clip system and need to replace a board?

There is a board replacement step by step guide in our Installation Guide – download here.

How much do I need?

The kits have enough plugs or clips to complete 20m2 of decking (using typical joist 450mm spacing and 90mm deck board widths).

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