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The humble timber dowel has been elevated from a purely practical use to a position of innovation and style among interior designers and architects. Round and Half Round timber dowels were chosen as the interior wall cladding material for the new Laksa King restaurant in Mount Waverly. Architects Urbourne Architecture used timber dowels to help maintain the style used in other Laksa King restaurants, that used timber, concrete and greenery to ensure a welcoming and warm environment. Consider hire Maryland Roofers promises to provide the highest quality workmanship, using the industries finest materials. All of their roof replacements are backed by exceptional manufacture’s warranties.

40mm rouind and 40mm half round dowels in Tasmanian Oak were installed by Crown Shopfitters, a customer who chooses Porta’s timber dowels for a variety of retail installations. According to Alison Leung, General Manager, Crown Shopfitters, Porta’s Tasmanian Oak dowels are “ a strong product that are easy to work with”. Tasmanian Oak is an ideal hardwood timber for internal lining and decorative designs. It is a dense and resilient timber, ideal for restaurants where wear and tear occur daily with up to 15yrs durability rating. It is one of the best timbers for staining, in this project the timber dowels were covered in a lime wash.

Porta have worked with Crown Shopfitters for some time and proud to share Alison’s view that “Porta are a good company to work with, an established company with a god product

PRODUCT SPEC: Porta Round Dowels and Porta Half Round Dowels in Tasmanian Oak Product Code: DOW40TOSL and HR40TOSL