Porta Door Jamb Sets

Porta manufactures a range of door jambs in a range of certified Door jamb renovationtimbers 

Porta's door jamb are:

  • Ready and easy to install
  • Available in various timbers including Tas Oak, Primed FJ Pine and FJ Pine
  • Useful for your home renovation projects
  • Ranged in two profile kinds - Rebated and Flat Set (with loose stop) 
  • Available in various dimensions 

What is a door jamb?

The door jamb is not a part of the door itself, but is the surrounding timber case into which the door opens and closes. Each set comes with stiles (sides) and a header.

Porta manufactures two types of door jambs, flat set and rebated.

Flat set door jamb - the stop (30x12mm) is supplied loose allowing you to set up the jamb to suit the thickness of the door you intend to hang. 

Rebated - The stop (38x12mm rebate) is a part of the jamb. The size of the rebate depends on the door you are hanging.    

Available from Bunnings and other leading timber and hardware outlets.

Porta Door Jamb Set range includes:

Porta Door Jamb Sets kits

Click here to download the 'How to Install a Door Jamb' flyer.  



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