FORESCOLOR has organic pigments integrated directly into the wood fibres, resulting in a uniform coloured board that requires no sanding or painting.

The board takes a range of finishes to reveal its vibrant hues, or can be custom machined to produce an eye-catching surface textures and patterns.

FORESCOLOR has all natural NAF (no-added-formaldehyde) binders making it safe for sensitive areas such as childcare and it is ideal for panelling, screening furniture and decorative applications from nursery through to the executive boardroom.


FORESCOLOR is a durable, low cost, solid coloured MDF board in a vibrant colour palette that is embedded through the entire board enabling the creation of an exciting range of bold, textured panelling, screening and cabinetry. Available in plain or embossed surfaces that allow for a broad range of visual effects to be created. Eco Friendly (E0) with extremely low emissions FORESCOLOR uses non-toxic materials and is the ideal material for applications as diverse as shop and office fit outs, hotels and restaurants, furniture production, amenities partitions, wall panels, acoustic panels and other interior applications where vibrant colours, textures and depth creates a unique visual statement.

What is the FORESCOLOR MDF board size?

FORESCOLOR boards measure 2,400mm x 1,220mm

For more information about range including colours and dimensions, click here.

What colours are available?

FORESCOLOR Plain is available in 9 standard colours; Black, Light Grey, Grey, Brown, Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Yellow colour.

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Where do I find out more information about FORESCOLOR?

For more information about FORESCOLOR Plain and FORESCOLOR Embossed boards including colours and performance, click here  click here.

What surface textures are available?

FORESCOLOR can be laminated and machined to create amazing 3-dimensional, multi-coloured textured surfaces.

FORESCOLOR Embossed is supplied with a stamped relief in the surface. A range of embossed patterns are available For more information click here.

How can I get a sample of FORESCOLOR?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project ,  and advise on the latest information.

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Can FORESCOLOR be coated?

FORESCOLOR boards are supplied in a raw finish. FORESCOLOR can accept many different types of finishes such as clear or tinted acrylic or solvent based poly-urethane coatings - oil, wax, acrylic or solvent based paint or can be used without any additional finish. All finishing is done by the installer or your preferred contractor – Porta does not provide finishing services.

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It is up to the designer to choose the preferred finish to suit a particular project or setting. It is recommended that a sample finished board is produced for approval on the project as FORESCOLOR does not accept any responsibility for the finish of the final board.


Is it available in white?

No, it does not come in white. To produce a white FORESCOLOR board would require the wood fibres to be bleached making the product toxic. FORESCOLOR is a non-toxic, eco-friendly wood fibre board. It is rated E0 in terms of formaldehyde emission which makes it very safe to use in the manufacture of children’s furniture. The pigments that are used to dye the pine wood fibres are all organic. 

How do I work with FORESCOLOR?

FORESCOLOR applications include wall cladding and signage. The boards can be fixed in the same way as any wood fibre board using silicon based glues or mechanical fastening systems.

Talk to your preferred installer about the many ways to machine and install FORESCOLOR in your next project.


Is FORESCOLOR waterproof?

FORESCOLOR is moisture resistant due to its specially formulated resin. Continued exposure to moisture will affect the performance of the board. FORESCOLOR can be used in kitchen and bathroom areas provided it is sealed correctly and not subject to prolonged exposure to water or steam. Intermittent exposure should not affect FORESCOLOR if all surfaces of the board are sealed. FORESCOLOR should not be used for exposed external and flooring applications where persistent wetting or high abrasion is present.

What are the benefits of using FORESCOLOR?

FORESCOLOR offers the designer a unique opportunity to provide colour, texture and durability for areas where high visual impact is required. Specially formulated resin within the board means it fits somewhere between a standard wood fibre board (MDF) and a solid surface and is specifically prepared for modern application, laminating, machining and high-quality finishing. FORESCOLOR benefits include;

  • consistent through colour
  • sharp, crisp machining and profiling
  • non-toxic and low formaldehyde emission; E0 rated
  • less effort to coat and finish than plain MDF (reducing labour and material costs significantly)
  • smooth machining in 3 dimensions
  • colour stability (UV and artificial light resistant)
  • increased moisture stability in humid environments
  • greater internal cohesion and mechanical strength
  • harder and more durable

FORESCOLOR is much less porous than standard MDF. This makes it easy and less expensive to finish (2 coats of clear lacquer on a black board will suffice whereas 4-5 coats of black spray paint finish are required on MDF board to achieve similar results.

If the FORESCOLOR board gets scratched or damaged over time, it will be less noticeable because the organic dyes runs throughout the board. Small damaged area may be sanded to repair the area.

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Is FORESCOLOR fire rated?

Yes – FORESCOLOR standard  MDF board in plain and embossed has been tested in accordance with AS/NZ 3837:1998 and has achieved a Group 3 rating – for more info click here.

How do I specifiy FORESCOLOR?

Short Specification

FORESCOLOR engineered fibre board consisting of wood, resin, wax and natural colours as supplied by Porta (Ph 1300 650 787 - www.porta.com.au) consisting of wood fibres dyed with non-toxic organic pigment dyes in a range of colours consistently distributed throughout the board.

Long Specification

FORESCOLOR coloured engineered fibre board consisting of wood, resin, wax and natural colours as supplied by Porta (Ph 1300 650 787 - www.porta.com.au) consisting of wood fibres dyed with non-toxic organic pigment dyes in a range of colours consistently distributed throughout the board, with either a [plain] or [embossed] surface with the technical attributes outlined in Table 1.

Table 1 – Technical Specifications FORESCOLOR

Thickness5mm9mm18mm All Sizes
Sheet size2440 x 1220mm  
Tolerance Thickness mm ± 0.4 ± 0.4 ± 0.5    
Tolerance Length/Width mm ± 3.0 ± 3.0 ± 3.0 Bending Strength N/mm 35
Density kg/m3 dry 800 760 720 Modulus of Elasticity Nmm >3,000
Swelling per 24hrs % 20 12 8 Formaldehyde Emission E0 <0.5
Internal Bond N/mm 1 0.8 0.7 Toxicity2 Pass
Fire Rating Group 3 buildings Up to Class 9 Buildings
in accordance with

Notes: Specifications in accordance with KS F 3200 Fibreboard

It is recommended to use EVA adhesive for Cold Press and UF resin+PVAc for Hot press applications.

    (1) AS 2924.1:1998 High-pressure decorative laminates

    (2) EN 71-3:2013 Migration of certain elements, EN71-9:2013 Organic chemical compounds &

         ISO 8124:2009 Safety of toys

    (3) AS 3837:1998

Colours: Black, Grey, Light Grey, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Brown

Embossed Patterns: American Oak, Linen, Corduroy & Cross Sawn – Black and Grey in stock, all other colours available on request.

How do I deliver, store and handle FORESCOLOR?
  • Store in a dry, sheltered area. Do not leave sheets unprotected in the rain or direct sunlight.
  • During storage sheets must be parallel to the ground and aligned with each other on a flat surface. Packs should be stored fully wrapped in plastic with an identical cover sheet top and bottom.
  • Store sheets flat, do not stand the sheets against a wall vertically.
  • Make sure there are no cavities between sheets.
  • Do not stack different size bundles on top of each other.
  • Sheets must be carried by at least 2 people to avoid breaking.
  • If using a forklift or suction lift, move sheets gently to avoid damage.